Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flavor's Random Pick: Delta Warp

Delta Warp is one of those titles that you probably missed when it was released. It had several strikes against it. First of all, it was on the often overlooked Neo Geo Pocket platform. On top of that, it was made by a relatively unknown company called IOSYS, and it was a puzzle game without any block building, bubble shooting, piece dropping, etc. Well, it's actually a fun puzzle game that works rather well. A buddy of mine that goes by the name TideGear has an excellent short description/review of Delta Warp which can be found over at Retro Thing. Here's an excerpt.
"The gameplay and rules are fairly complex, for an action puzzle game, yet the game is intuitive enough to ease the learning curve quite a bit. The action is based around controlling a delta (aka triangle) as you flip it along its three edges moving it through adjacent triangle-shaped spaces in each stage."

These carts aren't easy to come by, but currently Play-Asia has some pre-owned copies in stock here.

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