Monday, July 20, 2009

Tanabata Monogatari - Tegomass

Being the first temporary duo to release an album is prove enough that Tegoshi Yuuya and Masuda Takahisa's popularity. By debutting in Sweden with the English version of Miso Soup/ Chocolate, the group defined their exoticness.

Music from Johnny's production are pretty much bubble gum most of the time, with Kat-Tun being the spicier type and NEWS being slightly softer.

However, Tegomass does have pretty nice voices, although not extremely powerful, they sing very sweetly. Their hit singles Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song, Aiai Gasa and Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi are perfect as theme songs for the shojo anime/TV series.

Of course they are perfect for shojo series. Johnny's boys always looked as if they walked out of a Shojo manga setting. That said, the PVs, live performance and fan event video clips are very much worth looking at, just see how they managed to create that sparkly, pastel colored fantasy world.

Aiai gasa was the first, and most sparkly PV I have seen. Sugar level of the song rocketed. But again, that was to be expected. As the theme song of Koei's Neo Angelique anime, what is better than something pastel and sparkly?

Next time the producers of Twilight wants to do apply glitter on vampires, watch the video first. There are things that are more aesthetic than sweat.

Their newest single Tanabata Matsuri was just as sweet, but comfortably less shoji-ish. Filmed with a team of children, dressed in yukatas, the two displayed how fun a Japanese festival is in an innocently traditional way.

Wish fulfillment is very big part of the Johnny's boys' charm. Get Kat-Tun if you prefer something with a dangerous edge, Hey! Say! Jump! if you prefer the bouncy energy and Tegomass if you prefer the sparkly sweet.

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