Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekly Special - Shining Force Feather for Nintendo DS

There's been one Shining Force weekly special for the DS before and now here's another! Shining Force Feather is another RPG in the Shining Force series of games and as the wielders of the Shining Force, you'll be fighting hollows. Sounds a bit like Bleach eh?

It's a Japanese RPG and most likely has no english option, but as all DS games are region free, it will work on all systems. Only one copy per person and at the very big reduction of $33 to just $19.90, you're getting a real bargain so get in quick!
"The battles between the hollows and the wielders of the Shining Force were fierce eons back, however all power dissipates in the course of time, and soon the Shining Force is replaced by newer technology.

Although the wars between humans and hollows have ended, strife between countries never did. Within this chaos, treasure hunters reaped the benefits.

During an expedition in one of the Shining Force historical sites, the hero Jin unsealed the artificial life form Alfin from her sleep and gained her powers. Yet, he is not the only one, for the ambitious second prince of the empire has also awakened his own source of power.

To prevent the claws of evil sinking into the land, think strategically during battles and employ your forces wisely."

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