Friday, October 30, 2009

Uncharted 2 - As good as it gets?

So yeah, I'm a big Uncharted fan and I've managed to have some time to play the sequel lately, and it is superb. It does top everything from the first game. Graphics, story, music, gameplay, you name it! Not an easy job when the first game was so good. I remember when I played the first Uncharted, I thought it was the closest thing to playing a Hollywood movie and the bit with the German U-boat really amazed me and not many games do. Well, the sequel is even better and you have the added bonus of multiplayer added into the mix when the single player game alone is worth the admission price.

Modern Warfare 2 will really need to impress to dethrone Uncharted 2 as my game of the year. And please don't forget to pick up the first Uncharted if you haven't already, it's a classic at a budget price. I wonder if they'll be able to top this one with another's gonna be tough. I thought Gears of War had a better single player experience than the first game, but if anyone can keep churning out better games, you can count on Naughty Dog to do it!

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