Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nathan Drake returns in November 2011 - Uncharted 3 is announced and available for preorder today!

In Uncharted 3 Nathan and his mentor Sully will follow the legendary archaeologist T.E. Lawrence's trail all the way to the vast and dangerous Arabian deserts. The Atlantis of the Sands is more real than anybody thought and clues about it are scattered across the globe. Travel around the world, visit the glamorous and exotic cities and find the land before the bad guys get there first.

Thugs will stop at nothing to get their hands on the treasure and this time Nathan gets to use new weapons, new moves and new skills. The stealth action and hand to hand combat has also been improved. Be ready to interact with the environment and learn to take advantage of what you have at hand to overcome the danger that may crop up any second.

Uncharted 3 offers exciting action, exotic locales and an exquisite plot. Currently we have the Asian and US regular editions in our database, more will be added once they are announced. Nathan Drake will return to his fans on the PlayStation3™ in November 2011.

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