Thursday, January 15, 2009

Romantic Heroes? Historical Figures? Harukanaru Toki no Nakade 3

"Harukanaru toki no nakade, Koei's Japanese styled romantic adventure has set new standards for the genre with every installment. The third installment in the series spots some of the most desirable men. Score dates with them in the game and take their figures home to fully admire their magnificence.

The first Hachiyous to come are the seiryuu pair Arikawa Masaomi and Minamoto no Kurou Yoshitsune. Masaomi is your best friend, the first to fall into the chasm of time. Through hardship and continuing strife, the tall handsome youth became a formidable militarist.

Asoda Saku of Kotobukiya has brought out the essence of the young man through his confident smile and posture while the maker of Kurou, Tatsumaki crafted the legendary swordsman's hidden power through his flowing robes and unsheathed sword.

Both figures are sculpted immaculately with the smallest detail such as a fold in the robes and the carvings on the weapons. Both of the figures' bases are painted with the character's image flowers, enjoy the classical Japanese flavor along with the finer aspects of the male species."

Relative to the beautiful ladies that make their way to the figure world, there is only a small number of men who manages this feat. Those who accomplish this are usually from fighting games such as Street Fighter etc. Others are usually extremely popular anime characters such as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and Lelouche from Code Geass (both of them ranked top place in Japanese anime character polls).

So it's quite refreshing to see some none-ultra muscular/masculine 2D gentlemen made their way to the 3D world. Although both are holding swords or sabers, these two are more romantic heroes than fighters. Those who have played Harukanaru Toki no Nakade should be quite familiar with them, while those who has studied Japanese history may gawk at these new images of historical characters.

Minamoto no Kurou Yoshitsune is one of the best known tragic hero in Japanese history with numerous of plays featuring his rise and dramatic demise. An invincible swordsman in history and a bishounen in plays, the novels and soap operas that featured him usually attracts a huge following (best example: Hideaki Takizawa's Yoshitsune).

But no matter how much his character diverts from the historical texts, he has never been casted as a hot blooded, ginger haired loud mouth. This unique representation and the addition of endearing shortcomings of the character won him a new fan base (consisting mainly of girls, perhaps?)

If you think the character changes with Kurou are hard to swallow, wait till you meet his loyal retainer Musashibou Benkei.

Arikawa Masaomi, on the other hand is not quite a historical figure, however, by falling through the abyss of time, the poor seventeen year old boy was forced to play the role, and assume the responsibilities of a deceased military genius, Daira no Shigemori.

His martial spirit and prowess can be seen most clearly in the game, however, it's his Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship with the heroine that touches the hearts of the game's fan base.

Games, history and figures are a wonderful combination, grab these figures and study gaming tactics and history with them today.

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