Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sitting on a cat's head - Toro enjoys being sat on!

"Plushes usually sit on your lap as you watch TV or sleep in your arms on your bed. To return the favor, the Dokodemoissyo cats are letting you sit on them.

Heavier than normal plushes and tighter packed with stuffing, these plushes work well as TV stools, as especially for children or petite people.

Place them in front of the TV screen and bounce on their heads when you see something exciting.Mirror the cats' moods when you sit on them, smile happily or be hysterically happy, after all, these cats are here for just that, to cheer you up. "

If you tell anyone that you enjoy sitting on a cat's head (or even worse, bounce on it), people are going to think there is something decidedly wrong with you. And if you try it on a real cat, I can to guarantee that it is not going to make you popular amongst the feline race.

But with the Dokodemoissyo cat, Toro, this is a completely different matter. Smiling, or beaming happily at you, from the floor, this little fellow is actually waiting for you to squash it with all your might. Feel free to sit on it, its softer, and much more comfortable than squatting on the floor.

Don't worry, Toro is perfectly resilient to squashes, we've got the heaviest person in the vicinity to sit on him for testing purposes and aside from being a little flattened, there are no damages (broken seams etc.) whatsoever. Simply knock him on the head a few times to fluff him back up and it's as good as new.

Toro is playing the chair, so why don't you be a good boy, or girl, and sit down on him and stop blocking other people's view of the TV screen?

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