Saturday, September 19, 2009

Play-Asia Affiliate Program

Play-Asia Affiliate ProgramSo, you like Play-Asia and you want to grab a bunch of cool stuff from the site, but in these pressing economic times, you wish you had some free money in your Play-Asia account. Well, maybe I can help. Let's look at how you can use Play-Asia's Affiliate Program to earn some extra buying power.

First of all, if you're already using Play-Asia's affiliate program, this article won't help you out much. In a later article, I will get more into tips on how to work the system a bit, but for now, I'll just detail the process of getting started with the program.

I am going to assume that you already have an account at If you don't, that's step 0. Head over to Play-Asia, and look at the top of the browser. You should see a link to create a new account.

Step 1 would be to browse to the Play-Asia affiliate program page and sign up for an affiliate account. It should be hard to miss. Just click on the big button that says "Sign up here!" Actually, to tell you the truth, I think that if you didn't have an account already, it would ask you to create a new account before signing up for the affiliate program.

Well, that was entirely too easy. I suppose we could talk about what to do now that you're an affiliate. I suppose if Step 1 was signing up, then Step 2 can be making a profit. It's even easier than the underpants gnomes 3-phase process.

When you're logged in to, take a look at the very bottom of any of their pages. You should see a little block labeled "Your personal affiliate link to this page." This is set up for you to easily copy and paste anywhere you like. You could use it in an email, your own personal website, a web forum, a bulletin board, or whatever.

For example, if you were on a forum that was talking about Pokemon, you could mention Pokemon Heart Gold and paste in the BBCode found at the bottom of Play-Asia's Pokemon Heart Gold product page. It would look something like this.
[url=]Buy Pokemon Heart Gold (Nintendo DS) at>[/url]
If the forum accepts BBCode, then that's all you'd have to do. Then, when someone clicked on the link, they would be using your affiliate version of the Play-Asia page for the product. Then, if they bought anything, your account would receive a credit based on the following commission rates.

It really is that simple. You can even track your affiliate links and products that people buy from them under your Play-Asia "my account" "my affiliation" page. It's quite slick.

Once you have earned some commission, you can cash out the money if you want, but better yet, you can use the funds to purchase products from Play-Asia. I say "better yet" because if you use the funds at Play-Asia instead of transferring them to PayPal, then you will automatically receive a bonus of 5% on top of your balance when using your affiliate funds as store credit at

What are you waiting for? Give it a try.


Destiny Islands said...

Really interesting stuff, I've signed up with them but haven't really had much luck. I'll have to keep trying and see what results I can get, thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Game Rumble said...

As I'm writing this I already made more than 1k referrals to play-asia but have yet to make even a single sale... I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

Flavor said...

You might want to look at creating custom banners for your pages. That way you could point people at items that specifically relate to what they're reading on your site. Just pointing them to the home page isn't quite as useful.

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