Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekly Special - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for Xbox 360

Here we go again! An Xbox 360 special for everybody (yep it's region free too!). If you're wanting a game with robots that transform into cars, planes and tanks (among other things), look no further! Join Optimus Prime and his gang of Autobots as they fight the evil decepticons over earth...or was it something else? Anyway, you can pick this game up for the very nice price of half price. How much is that you ask? Just $29.90! This time you're not limited to one copy but three, so buy you everyone in your family a copy or your car, I bet it transforms at night and wages war with other robots. It's based on the live action movie and not the 80's cartoon, so if you're wondering, no, there aren't that many similarities between the two.

"The Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game, based on the upcoming live-action feature film from DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures in association with Hasbro, lets players take on the role of their favourite AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, picking from the largest, most diverse range of playable Transformers – each with their own distinct abilities and weaponry.

Set in unique environments across the globe such as Cairo and Shanghai, the game allows players to instantly switch between vehicle and robot modes as they drive, fly, fight and blast their way through intense, pressure-packed levels. After engaging in single player action, for the first time ever players will be able to go online and battle friends in all-new multiplayer modes."

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