Friday, December 18, 2009

Appreciate the Toilet!

Toilets are the most important, but neglected part of the household, you can basically gauge a person by looking at the state of his/her toilet at home. The Japanese have always known how important this part of the family is and have therefore created the loveable, if not somewhat bizarre Mr. Toilet.

Like the Toro stools we used to have in stock, the big Mr. Toilet is a TV seat you can place in front of the sofa to rest your feet on, if you are too big to sit on it. Compared to the cats, these seats are softer and lighter, so it works just as well as a plush doll.

But then, who really wants to hold a toilet when they sleep? How about a Mr. toilet under the Christmas tree?

The small Mr. Toilet is definitely not for sitting on, however, you can hang it on your toilet door to tell your guests where they can relieve themselves. Or if your Christmas tree is really big and the branches really strong, you can hang them up. They'd make some very unique ornaments.

Enough with the words, a picture speaks a thousand words, and we have quite a few:

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