Saturday, January 16, 2010

Army of Two The 40th Day PS3 Demo - FAIL!

I finally tried the Army of Two The 40th Day PS3 demo off PSN the other day and to my utter dissapointment, it did-not-work-at-all. Did not work! I couldn't believe it. I went online with a friend, fired up the demo and invited said friend for a game and after joining we try to play the demo. But nothing, stuck on the loading screen until the PS3 locked up. This happened everytime and we tried about 10 times. We tried changing hosts, still no go. Friend has a Phat PS3 and I have a Slim and it didn't work on either console.

The only success I had was playing a public online game, I joined and the intro movie played, but as soon as it finished, it told me to reconnect the controller for player 2. WTF indeed. My friend recieved the same screen when trying public co-op, except got it straight away instead of viewing the intro movie.

For someone who really enjoyed the first game, this was very frutrating and annoying. It was easy to point the blame though, my favorite (sarcasm) company published this game. Yeah, it's an EA game and I could only expect this to happen with an EA game. Going to the EA site and seeing the threads of complaints, I also noticed EA hadn't responded and have decided to do nothing. Excellent. Anyway, I ended up buying the game, but if it has the same problem, I will seriously reconsider buying an EA game ever again. FAIL.

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