Thursday, February 10, 2011

Activision Pulls the Plug on Guitar Hero Franchise & True Crime

In a surprise move, Activision have given the Guitar Hero Franchise and the upcoming True Crime: Hong Kong title the thumbs down and brought them to an early grave. That's right, Guitar Hero is no more.

Activision said that sales of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was a major reason for ending the franchise. The last iteration of Guitar Hero not only received poor critical response, but also failed to move units. Apparently gamers have grown tired of the whole Guitar music games genre in general, with Rock Band creators Harmonix having been recently sold off to Viacom.

"Due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband Activision Publishing's Guitar Hero business unit and discontinue development on its Guitar Hero game for 2011. The company also will stop development on True Crime: Hong Kong. These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world's best interactive entertainment experiences."

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