Monday, July 5, 2010

Demons, masks and Persona - The US versions of Persona 3 FES, Digital Devil Saga 1+2 and Nocturne are back for a limited time at great prices!

Challenging, punishing, but most of all, captivating- the Shin Megami Tensei (Megaten)/ Persona series have caught fans in a whirlwind when they were out. Now elevated to classic games status, four of the most unique in the series are back, for a very limited time period:
Persona 3 FES, Digital Devil Saga 1, Digital Devil 2 and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne.

Persona 3 FES is essentially a collection of two games. If you've never played Persona 3, be sure to start from the beginning. In this first chapter, you become the MC- a teenage boy moving to a new, posh boarding school and ended up being assigned to a hall with the most popular students in school.

Although things are confusing at first, you managed to make new friends and lead a reasonably happy school life, that is, until you meet the shadows that lurk in the city and awaken your Persona- Orpheus. As one of the special people who could call forth their Personas, you get recruited into the S.E.E.S team.

The FES Episode continues where the first game left off. You become Aigis, the android maiden and face off with the your "sister" Metis. You will solve the puzzle behind the tragic events that happened to the MC and break out of the time loop that locks everyone into the day before the graduation.

Digital Devil Saga drops you into the Junkyard, a dog eat dog world where only the fittest could survive. You are Serph, one of the tribe leaders with the Demon Virus. Whenever the Demon takes over, you become a cannibal that seeks to devour everything in your path.

Yet, the cannibalistic urges are not the scariest things; the emotions that come with them are. Meeting Sera, the mysterious girl whose song could calm your inner demon is your first step to redemption, you think, and taking her to the Karma Temple is your ticket to escape the increasingly bleak Junkyard.

But be careful of what you wish for. In the direct sequel, Digital Devil Saga 2, it's revealed that the Junkyard is in fact an utopia created by Sera to escape the confines of her own world and Serph is not the savior he has been playing....

In Nocturne, you are no longer the human but the Demon Fiend who could choose the fate of the world. Arguably the darkest and most punishing in the Megaten series, Nocturne gives you the ability to talk to demons and recruit them to your army, as well as the potential to become Lucifer's successor.

Merge your demons together to form more powerful beings and venture into the labyrinths and networks to take down some even more powerful enemies. It's through battles and bloodbath that you learn which Law fits you best.

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