Friday, July 16, 2010

Jump up and get moving - PlayStation3™ Move and related games are available fore preorder now!

Jump up and get moving. The new PlayStation3™ Move is a new gadget that lets you fall straight into the game environment. Couple this new play style with the ultra realistic blu-ray disc graphics, and you'll have fantasy and bullet rains at your finger tips. The controllers will come this autumn, so preorder to get the experience early.

Move right and left, up and down, throw a punch and pull back. The camera can sense all your movements with needle point accuracy. Aim at any minute point on the screen and shoot, or draw sketches to see all the delicate lines.

To give you a taste of the extra dimensions that this device could provide to your gaming experience, a couple of new releases and hot existing games will come in September. The jocks and fitness maniacs can start getting things moving through games such as Sports Champion and the artistic people can play with Beat Sketch!!.

Families with young children can get a pet through the PlayStation3™ system. You can now interact physically with your monkey in Eye Pet, pat him and get him new toys. Gather friends together and play party games such as Move de Party. You can also test the accuracy of these controllers through shooting games such as Big Gun 3 Shooting.

You can also see how intensive the already exciting games become with the Move System with hot titles such as Biohazard 5 and Mugen Kairo. The US versions will come this September and the Japanese versions will come in October.

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