Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play-Asia.com presents DS-10 Dominator! Album 'Dance if you can't dance' now available for preorder! Official YouTube channel launched!

After setting up an (unofficial) blog, an official facebook and twitter account, we now also have an official youtube channel. Our first videos are featuring the DS-10 Dominator, a European underground electronic project, bringing together two things that we like: music and video games.

Come hear some music in DS-10 Dominator first show, come visit Play-Asia.com Official Channel:

  • For more information on DS-10 Dominator's upcoming release Dance if you can't dance, please see this special news.
  • To preorder his CD, come visit the product page.
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    Flavor said...

    Nice chiptunes. Thanks!!! Let me cover his next show! :)