Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kat-Tun's spring release - Going! Limited Editions + Regular Edition

Kat-Tun comes back completely recharged after the golden week holidays. Going! is a techno dance beat that portrays a futuristic world. Those who love D-motion will surely enjoy this single. The energetic song is a cheer to everybody who is starting new challenges this season.

Kat-Tun themselves are facing a bit of a challenge at the moment, with Jin busy preparing his own show in Los Angeles, the group will be without their leader for a while, as you can see, Jin is absent in this single and their national tour. Still, just feel the power of the song, fans of the group will know that Kat-Tun has not lost their appeal.

The Limited Edition Type A carries a DVD with the music video and making-of footage of Going! and Limited Edition Type B carries a the solo songs by Tanaka Kouki and Nakamaru Yuuichi. The Regular Edition has the C/W song Fall Down.

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