Friday, May 14, 2010

Kill a god - Redemption: Liar Plus Memorial 5 Arcade Games is available to all GP2X Wiz gamers today!

Owned a GP2X Wiz but have yet to see the full power of the console? Here is Redemption: Liar, an action RPG designed by Game Park Holdings, the developers of the Wiz itself, venture into the dark Gothic world and face monsters that exists only in your imagination.

Form a party of knights and travel to the dark, deep caverns of the underworld. Destroy monsters, level up your characters until you can take down a god.

This is an epic RPG filled with magical items and seemingly impossible tasks. There are more than 200 characters you can recruit into your party and some of the most breathtaking scenarios.

Besides the Redemption: Liar, the SD card contains 5 other arcade games such as the shooters Truxton, TigerHeli, Slap Fight and Hellfire, and the arcade action Warder. Those who have not had the chance to play these games in the arcade, you can now play then on your GP2X Wiz.


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