Friday, May 14, 2010

Your loyal Rocky Warrior - Darunia statue from First4Figures available for preorder now!

You have Link, and you have princess Zelda in disguise, now you get another strong ally - Darunia. Rocky, muscular and strong, with him by your Link's side, you know that your hero could take care of anything. Admire the details in his spiky hair and and the texture of their bodies.

Hand polished and hand painted, the Darunia statue is realistic and lifelike, you can almost expect him to jump into action. The careful crafting of his face brings out the upright warrior aspect of the rock soldier, but under the hard surface, he is a merry, joyful creature who enjoys music and dancing.

Only 2500 Darunia statues will be released worldwide, to exemplify their exalted status in the collectible toy world, each of the figures carry a card of authenticity and all of them have a unique hand painted number.

Darunia is sculpted completely to scale, put your Link statue next to him to see how truly impressive this rocky giant is. The statues are coming in September, reserve your figure early to avoid disappointment.


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