Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Medal of Honor Sells Enough to Gaurantee a Sequel

EA made it clear they would only create a sequel to the new Medal of Honor if it sold well. Without a number, it was hard to guess just how many copies would need to be sold to guarantee said sequel. While we still don't know what the number was to satisfy the VIP's at EA, we do know that pretty much a green light has been given for the development of the next game in the franchise after having sold two million copies worldwide.

Eurogamer spoke with John Riccitiello from EA who said that "The game has exceeded our plan and expectations - sell-through and sell-in."

"It is an absolutely clear success on a business front. Consumer feedback has been strong, suggesting we've got a franchise now that we can successfully sequel in the future. I think it's the first step for this franchise back into the marketplace."

Looks like EA will now attempt to beat the Call of Duty franchise with their own modern warfare shooter.

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