Monday, November 15, 2010

Trapped, and facing impossible foes: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PlayStation3™ is announced and available for preorder today!

Revisit the classics, Sony Computer Entertainment digitally remastered two award winning games on the PlayStation2™. What has been eerie in ICO's castle becomes downright creepy and the gigantic statues in Shadow of the Colossus look like deities on your HD screen. The games have PlayStation® Network Trophy Support, so collectors, think you have the gaming muscles to clear the stages and collect everything?

Become the sacrifice. ICO is a strange boy with horns. In the name of protecting the village, his people left him in a deserted castle where evil spirits dwell. Here, trapped within the cold stone walls of the impregnable fortress, the boy's sense of reality and fantasy blur, he begins dreaming about a girl whom he has to save, and the clues about his past and his fate.

If the castle in ICO is impregnable, the Colossi is right next to impossible. But they hold the key to revival, and unless all of them are defeated, your loved one will never wake. So set off on your horse, equip your sword and off you go on your adventures. All of the Colossi have but one weakness, find it in time before it crushes you like an ant.

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection comes in April 2011. If you have not played them on the PlayStation2™, by all means, try them out on the PlayStation3™, for all veterans, get the game and be impressed once again.

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