Monday, November 1, 2010

Nintendo Posts First Half-Year Net Loss in Seven Years

Nothing lasts forever, but Nintendo had an incredibly long and prosperous time in the gaming industry, with seven years of profits to their name. The last three years resulted in huge profits thanks to the popularity of the Wii, but dwindling sales have resulted in the first half-year net loss of JP¥ 2.01 billion (about US$25 million) for the company.

Nintendo believes this downturn may continue until next year. However with the profit same time last year reaching JP¥ 69.49 billion (US$865 million) and the 3DS just around the corner, I doubt they have much to worry about.


Game Rumble said...

They're losing sales because people think that their Wiimote isn't as innovative as it once was. Now, the difference in performance is getting obvious between Wii and the more powerful platforms (PS3 and XBox 360).

Primal said...

I'm sure the amount of shovelware being released on the system is another reason sales aren't climbing.