Friday, November 5, 2010 presents: Kamikaze Gear by Pebble: Cool accessories for all systems and situations!

A bombardment of pouches, cases, battery packs and all sorts of accessories have crashed into our warehouse like the Kamikaze. Previously selling under their company name, Germany's third party manufacturer Pebble Entertainment recently re-branded their extensive portfolio of accessories and introduced their new brand Kamikaze Gear. Kamikaze Gear provides all sorts of decoration options to make your gaming more hip and active. And with this new name, the company has come up with even more products for you at friendly prices.

Of course there are the standard things such as protection films and cases, but there are more specific equipments such as the Prince Tennis Racket for the Nintendo Wii™ gamers. There are quite a lot of tennis games on that console, and you can make your match even more exciting by turning the remote control into a real racket by slipping it into the handle. Produced in collaboration with the sports equipment company Prince, this racket gives you the most realistic feel as you show off your forehand and backhands in the court.

If you're in the mood for personalization and decoration, there is a range colorful products such as modding skins. Give your hand held consoles a layer of protection, these colorful stickers will prevent the minor scratches, and when they get old, you can just peel them off and replace them with new ones.

The color and style spread beyond the modding skins to the pouches and cases, of course there are black ones and camouflage ones which offer a lot of protection, and there are others that spot puppy dogs, swirly patterns and other fancy designs.

Get a pack if you have a new console, they provide the case, head phones and straps and the basic maintenance tools such as cleaning clothes. Again, some of them are basic while other have more glitter.

Most of the products are for Nintendo DS™ series (i.e, from DS™ Lite to the DSi™ LL), but if you own other gaming devices, there still are things that take care of your needs.

If you want to find the full list of Kamikaze Gear Products, come read our special news.

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