Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Play-Asia Weekly Special: Naruto: The Broken Bond

We didn't bring you the news early like we did last time. I, myself, will use the excuse of being away from a computer for most of my Christmas holiday. Anyway, enough about me, what you probably care about is the games.

Building on the success of Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, this new action adventure takes the story to a deeper level within the Naruto Universe. Now a respected ninja, Naruto evolves into a mature and strong hero. However, with his new status comes responsibility, and Naruto will soon find himself surrounded by conflict. Forced to relive bitter memories, Naruto's best friend Sasuke strikes out on a self-destructive quest for power. Now with the help of his friends, Naruto must confront Sasuke and save him before it's too late. Team up with multiple characters, explore open 3D environments and challenge some of the fiercest enemies from the Naruto Universe.

Play-Asia's weekly special makes the latest game in the popular Naruto franchise available to us gamers that have small bank accounts due to Christmas shopping (or to those lucky gamers that received some cash gifts).

Naruto: The Broken Bond has received high marks from all the major review sites. For example, IGN has given it a score of 8.3. More reviews can be found here.

Play-Asia is bringing this to you for US$29.90 this week. Get it while it lasts!

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