Thursday, December 18, 2008

Söldner-X Tips & Tricks: Make sure you play online

Söldner-X has this fabulous online High Score function that nowadays every game has. It lets you compare your skills with other players around the world. My skills aren't that high so I better don't mention them. Just how do you know you will submit your scores online or not? Well, it's very easy. By default, Söldner-X has server connection enabled. Therefore, if you have never changed the settings, you will play with online high scores enabled. However, what happens when you are starting Söldner-X with a disconnected LAN cable... It will simply turn online high scores off, but it will not turn it on again by itself.

It's easy to see if you are playing online. In the main menu, there's a scrolling message ticker on the top right. This will tell you your global rank, if you have been replaced and the most recent news entry of the community section of If it simply says "offline" then it means, well, you're playing with online high scores disabled. Head over to the options menu, and enable online high scores again! Cheers!

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