Sunday, December 14, 2008

Söldner-X Tips & Tricks: Get your own gamer tag

Since launch of the PC version of the game around a year ago, there have been gamer tags (aka badges, dog tags, etc). For some reason eastasiasoft never came around advertising them on the PS3 version and there's some quirks with the messenger system that seems to work only on the PC version, but anyway, the gamer tags are fully working. Here's mine:

Cantonaut's Gamer Tag

I will now show you how to get yours.

In order to have your own gamer tag, you simply need to submit one high score (at least) which is done if you play the game in online mode (default) and you are online of course. You can see here, my rank is a mediocre 67, nothing to be proud of but I'm also posting this because.. well because maybe I can apply some self-pressure here to try harder. The gamer tag can be used in most forums and blogs (such as this!) and it's very simple to do but there's no search function for your profile, that complicates things slightly.
  1. Submit a high score to the servers (happens automatically on the game over screen)
  2. Find out what rank you are. Wait around 5-10 minutes in game and it will tell you your current rank (the message displayed upper right on the main menu)
  3. Go to's Community Pages
  4. Locate your entry & click on your name
  5. A profile page pops up. Here's mine.
  6. Scroll down to where it says Gamer Tag and snap the URL as displayed in the boxes, or copy & paste the HTML into your blog. Be sure to hotlink the image, because it's updated regularly. If you host a copy of the image then you will display outdated information.
Try it out now!

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