Thursday, December 11, 2008

Söldner-X Tips & Tricks: Re-Spawn behind a wall solution

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer players have noticed that (especially) in World 2 (aka The Industrial Menace) it may happen that you bite the dust and re-spawn behind a wall with no way of getting out, hence losing just another life. This is kinda lame and annoying but it's probably more annoying than anything else in the game so I thought I give you a solution for this :) Even if that means that I may lose my prestigous 42nd (at time of writing, current results may change) position.

The solution in fact is very easy. While you are respawning, just steer the ship! "Wait... What did you just say? How can I steer the ship while I'm not even in control of it?". True, I thought the same, dying repeatedly behind walls and all I wanted to is going to the nearest hardware shop to buy the biggest sledge hammer they'd have (turns out they were out of stock). But someone told me this, and I tried it, and it works. So next time you are in danger of spawning behind a wall or just everytime you respawn, remember that you can steer the ship WHILE IT'S RESPAWNING, giving you the option to appear just anywhere on the play field! It takes a bit of practice to spawn at that specific spot you want, but it's very easy to just avoid getting locked up somewhere. And now, back to the game already!


Bert88 said...

Thanks for this. Bothered me like hell, will give this a try ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

ne1 who couldnt figure this out on their own is a dumbass