Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Söldner-X: Previous Post Plus Point Two

The previous post cited an article which reviewed Söldner-X and gave it a score of 8.0. I can top that!

Not only are Gamespot users currently rating the game at 8.5, but, regarding Söldner-X on the PS3, Gamer 2.0 is giving their readers "Buy It" suggestion and has rated the game a "Great" 8.2.

Gamer 2.0's rating included a 9 for gameplay, and the only score that was below 8 was audio which received a rating of 7. You can find full Gamer 2.0 Söldner-X review here.

Whether it's the gamers themselves or the reviewers, people seem to be enjoying Söldner-X on the PS3. When you get a game this great for a price this cheap, why wouldn't you enjoy it?

Also, don't forget, this game isn't just for the PS3 owners out there. There's also a PC Version of Söldner-X that's available at a new low price which includes all sorts of extra pack-ins that you don't get on PSN.

If you're STILL not convinced, I dug up a couple more reviews of the game:
  • Gaming Age says, "I actually enjoyed Soldner-X, and for $9.99 for at least a dozen hours spent playing and replaying the game, it was worth the cash"
  • Worth Playing gives a bit of background about the PC version and then states, "A year later, the PSN Store would add the game to its catalog with several improvements made specifically for the PS3 faithful. Although it is without some of the extras that shmup fans might have wanted to add to their collection of art books and soundtracks, Soldner-X brings a solid action-packed experience to the console."

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