Thursday, July 22, 2010


The new GP2X Caanoo has made its way into my loving arms. It just arrived, and I've made a video of my first run through the menu and some of the games. Bear with me. It was my first time using the machine AND I was trying to record it for you with my other hand. I was excited to get a chance to try the Caanoo and share with you guys, so I didn't really have a plan as to what I might talk about or show (since I didn't even know what was available, myself). After checking the video out, there were some parts that were a waste of time, so I cut them out. Also, I didn't have macro mode turned on when I started recording, so the video quality gets better part way through.

Like I said, I was excited to share this with you. I'm not a professional videographer or spokesperson. That should be clear.

As far as my first impressions go, I really like the form factor. Compared to the GP2X Wiz, it feels more like a handheld gaming system. The Wiz seems like a cool pocket gadget. It's small and sleek. The GPH Caanoo seems like a system meant for gaming and watching video on the go. I'm sure I'm not explaining the difference well, so I'll try to elaborate.

You know the Game Boy Micro? It would fit in your pocket, and it would do everything you wanted it to do (at the time, play GBA games). It was awesome, because it was so small and sleek and still did what you bought it for. That's the Wiz. It can play your movies, games, emulators, etc. and you'll never have a tough time carrying it with you anywhere.

Now the Caanoo comes along. Sure, it can do what the Wiz does, but it's just better. You can tell by looking at it. It's the Wiz's big brother. The specs are similar to the Wiz's, but it has features the Wiz doesn't. The screen is larger, it has an analog joystick instead of a dpad, it has a g-sensor (motion sensor), it includes haptic technology in the form of vibration force feedback, and it has a full-sized USB port that will accept a WiFi adapter. On first impression, the Caanoo comes off as a man's version of the Wiz.

As I get more into the machine, I'll be writing more. If you want more videos, let me know. I'm not sure if people prefer that format or the blog format. I'm no expert at the vids, though, so don't be afraid to say that you'd rather me stick with typing.

Also, let me know if you are curious about any specific aspect of the Caanoo. You've seen what I have loaded on the machine. If you want me to go in depth about anything, leave a comment. I'd be glad to address it.

I really am impressed with the Caanoo so far. I wondered what GPH would come up with, and I think they're on the right track. When the FunGP website takes off, I think we'll be in for a fun new handheld gaming paradigm. Even without it, though, the Caanoo is a big step forward for the surprise contender, GPH.


Anonymous said...

--the analog joystick-- Could you try it out with some old games and let us know if it's good for them rather than a traditional digitalpad?

Anonymous said...


whats the battery life like on the caanoo compared to the wiz?
will the vibration work with any of the previously available games?

Flavor said...

I posted a new article with results of my battery test.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the thumbstick is positive. The feeling of precision control for scrolling shmups is fantastic, I don't think it can be bettered. Neo Geo emulation seems perfect along with Cps2. Solidly built machine.