Saturday, July 24, 2010

GPH Caanoo Vs. MVS, GP2X Wiz, NGPC, etc

I had this crazy idea to show off the Caanoo and some of my other systems, so I conned some of my family to help me with my plan to make a couple videos. The first one compares the Caanoo to the NeoGeo MVS, and my 2-year-old had the main speaking role. The second features Ava showing us some of the differences between the Caanoo and several other handhelds. I don't think I need to say much more. The videos should speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

If a person is looking into getting this to in order to play eight and sixteen-bit era games then I really do not understand the logic of having an analog control output and not a good digital pad. Trying to play old games designed for a d-pad with analog controls is clunky and sloppy in execution. From that standpoint it is a serious flaw in design to not have a quality digital pad. I definitely will not invest in this machine; if I want to have an outlet to play games from the golden era, the play-control needs to be optimized and exact. Too bad, the rest of the design looks solid but all for nothing with inadequate controls.

Flavor said...

I understand that sentiment. All I can say is that so far the analog stick kinda feels like the NGPC click-stick without the clicking. I've not noticed a problem playing old games on it yet, but I still need to do some more extensive testing. But, yeah, some people will be put off by this. Then I suppose you would want the Wiz or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Likely a Pandora for my gaming interests; the Wiz is too small for my ergonomic comfort level, and particularly the screen needs to be in the 3.5 inch range in order to get a good experience for playing games with sprites that were intended for SDTV. The Pandora appears to have the best quality directional pad for the open source hand-helds at this time, and an extra large screen, so that is probably the best option.