Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Classics HD Collections - PS2 Remastered Games

It was really disappointing to see Sony drop PlayStation 2 backward compatibility support on the PS3. The PS2 had an incredible library of great games, but not everyone had the chance to play a lot of them and backwards compatibility would have allowed anyone with a PS3 to play or relive some PS2 classics. The high cost of putting in the PS2 hardware into the PS3 along with the already high cost of the PS3 hardware created a system which was just not commercially viable. But at least now we have some sort of compromise.

Although the idea of backward compatibility coming back is an impossibility, the success of the God of War collection showed that there was a viable market for Blu-Ray disc collection of PS2 classics, upscaled in HD. Apart from the higher resolution and widescreen support, the collection also featured 60fps gameplay, anti-aliasing and trophy support.

The next collection to be released will be the Sly Racoon trilogy. Three PS2 games on one disc in HD with also some 3D and Move support for $39.99. I think that's great value, especially if, like me, you've never played the games before. You may also notice in the picture that there is a new "Classics HD" tag on the box. Hopefully, this will mean many more collections will be released. Here are just some of the collections I would like to see:

Devil May Cry Collection - Dante's trilogy needs a collection asap.

Ico & Shadow of the Colossus - The most requested PS2 collection. Need I say more?

Jak & Daxter Collection - Naughty Dog may have moved onto Uncharted, but this fantastic platform series needs a place on the PS3.

Metal Gear Solid Collection - This one would require some extra work, but Konami could port the updated Metal Gear Solid from the Gamecube to go along with MGS2 and MGS3. I'm sure it would sell plenty of copies.

Onimusha Collection - Another bunch of games by Capcom, which would be great to have on one disc.

Ratchet & Clank Collection - A no-brainer really, Ratchet & Clank are some of the best platform games around.

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