Saturday, September 4, 2010

Duke Nukem Forever Coming 2011 - I kid you not!

Last year 3D Realms finally went bust and closed its doors, bringing the never ending development of Duke Nukem Forever to a close after 12 years. Having been a longtime source of jokes about its vapourware status, it seemed like an act of mercy to finally put it to rest. Nothing was really expected, as 3D Realms and publisher Take 2 went to court over who owned what. However, the sudden showing of the game at PAX along with a playable demo has clearly surprised many. Myself included.

Gearbox Software persuaded Take 2 to let them finish the game and have continued developing the game in the last year or so, hence the quick release date of 2011. It seems that Take 2 managed to wrangle the rights to the game from 3D realms after all, but bankruptcy will do that to you. Anyway, Duke Nukem Forever is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and no it's really real this time and will definitely be completed and released this time. I'm serious. The jokes will finally stop...oh, who am I kidding?

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