Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dominate the dance floor - DJ MAX Portable 3 comes is October and is available for preorder now!

DJ MAX is building a steadily growing fan base both within Korea and overseas with their cute characters, hot dance beats and stylish graphics. Those who live in the Korea could go to the arcades to enjoy this touch screen phenomenon, but those who are overseas, as long as you have your Sony PSP consoles, you are part of the community.

Come sway to the rhythm and play out the tempo of the hottest Korean and Japanese pop songs - DJ MAX 3 will come this October. The best composers are back to contribute their work, look forward to more of: Planetboom, NieN, makou, myagi, DJ Keri, PIA and Vanilla Unity!

Besides new songs and sexy background dancers, the newest installment has the challenging Remix Mode where you get to feel the excitement of being behind the turntables, dominating the beat of the dance floor.

And instead of just pressing buttons, you'll have control of the analogue stick, give it a swing when you're given the cue to change gears.

Those who've mastered Black Square, come take up the challenge again.

Like all Limited Editions in the DJ MAX series, this box set comes with an ample amount of exclusive items: The twin disc Original Soundtrack album comes with all the music to sate your DJ MAX addiction, there's also a beautifully color printed art book and a special UMD package.

The First Print Regular Edition features a different cover from the usual Regular Editions that comes after this. If you want to set your game apart from the masses, this is the copy to get!

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