Thursday, September 30, 2010

Games waiting for your preorders! Tales of Graces F & The 3rd Birthday!

Two really hot games are announced and are waiting for preorders, they are are Tales of Graces F and The 3rd Birthday - a continuation in the Parasite Eve series.

Tales of Graces F is not a mere port of the original Nintendo™ Wii version, it expands the Efinea world and includes the epilogue of the game. This brand new branch of the plot takes place half a year after the great war, where Richard and Asbel become King and mayor respectively.

Everyone has found a place in the new system, yet, not all is good and well. A new mysterious force is threatening the world. Come again, even if you've saved the world once.

Monsters - the Twisted, that spawned in the far future devoured all the humans, and when they destroyed the whole earth, they spiral time backwards to the past to repeat the carnage. In 2012, the authorities created the Over Dive system, a weapon that could perhaps save the future and the past. However, there is only one person who's compatible with this technology - Aya Brea, the girl without a past.

Travel through time and eliminate the horde of Twisted. Take over the bodies of the people who inhabits the time frame to battle. The Over Dive system offers you one chance to turn the situation around when it reaches the full gauge, your attack power rises several times fold. But one mistake, you'll be gone, and the world will go with you.

Both Tales of Graces F and The 3rd Birthday come this December, you have a very busy holiday season before you indeed!

Here's a trailer of the 3rd Birthday, see if it matches your expectations of the game!

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