Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Candy Shop

I thought I'd change the topic away from video games for a bit and let everyone know about...candy! Sing it, "I, want candy". Anyway, there's a section not many Play Asia shoppers are aware of. If you click on the toys tab and look to the link categories below it, you'll find a "groceries" link, which contains not only candy, but instant noodles as well.

Now that I have acquainted you with this category you probably didn't even know about, I'll outline and even write some recommendations for the candy and why it's useful to you when making a purchase. I'm nice that way.

Everything in this category is cheap, cheap, cheap! How cheap? Starting as low as $0.99USD, anyone can bundle some of the goodies with their order. Got a Play Asia coupon giving you $5 off a $50 purchase but your total order only equates to $49.90? Just throw in some candy and you'll be getting your discount in no time.

If you don't live in Asia, then you most likely don't have access to the candy available at Play Asia. Want to do something extra nice for your friends or co-workers? Buy some packets of Japanese candy and share it round, they'll be sure to enjoy it. There are plenty of flavors to choose from and everyone is sure to be interested to try something new. Finally, it makes a great gift to add to any existing gifts you have purchased for friends, loved ones or that special someone and the receiver is guaranteed to think you're just as sweet as the candy*.

*Not guaranteed!

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Flavor said...

It seems so simple, but this is actually an excellent post. I've got a pack of candy with a couple of my orders. It's a great way to experience a bit more of a foreign culture. Because it seems so simple, I wouldn't have thought to recommend it to anyone. Nice call!