Thursday, April 9, 2009

Future Prediction - Handhelds Part 2

In part 1 of this 2 part feature, I predicted the hardware specs of the PSP 2 handheld from Sony and since I haven't yet been proven wrong, I'm right of course! Now, witness as I delve into the depths of handheld gaming and technology information to bring forth another prediction.

It's time to predict Nintendo's handheld! Will I be on the ball, or fail miserably, you be the judge! Either way, I hope you enjoy these future predictions and when the time comes, be sure to remember how close or far off these posts were! Read on as I analyse and predict each feature of Nintendo's new handheld, which will be known as the Gameboy DS.

Why the Game Boy DS? You may recall Nintendo saying the DS was not a true successor to the Game Boy and that only the real deal would carry the name. The DS was an experiment and succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. I certainly didn't think a touch screen and an extra screen would become so popular. And since Nintendo decided to remove the Game Boy name, I'm sure they didn't either.

To cut a long story short, after a shaky start, DS's started flying of the shelves faster than you can say "Alucard" backwards. Due to this large factor, the true successor will also have the DS name at the end of it. And why Game Boy you ask? Easy, that's because the next handheld will be the true successor to the Game Boy Advance.

Size and Shape

Remember the DS in the name? The Game Boy DS will feature a similar clamshell design and will be slightly bigger than a DS lite. It will have more rounded edges and have even more style than the DS.


Two 3 inch widescreen LCD screens will be used and will provide a higher resolution than the DS. Both of these will be touch screens and provide much better color reproduction.


Nintendo will opt for a reliable CPU that uses a low amount of power, perfect for handhelds. This type of chip, known as ARM, is already powering the DS. This CPU will run at 400mhz (quite a jump from the DS's 67mhz!) and provide a capable processor for all functions. A second CPU will be used for the second screen and backward compatibility with the DS and will be clocked at (you guessed it) 67mhz.


The relationship forged with ATI for consoles will continue. ATI will provide a small and power efficient 166mhz mobile graphics card which will propel the graphics quality comparable to a Gamecube's on one screen.


The Game Boy DS will have high quality stereo sound, much better quality than the current DS. Music will sound great and games will now have CD quality music.


64MB of RAM.


For web browsing purposes, 1GB storage will be included.


The Game Boy DS will use the same memory cards that are used currently and will be backward compatible with the DS. Game Boy DS games will start at 1GB in size and go as high as 4GB in the later years of the handheld.

Other Hardware Features

The handheld will also feature a motion sensor (similar to Sixaxis), two low resolution cameras, microphone and wireless.

Operation System Features

The OS will have limited PDA functions and allow you to browse the web and take pictures with the camera as well as record sounds.

Battery Life

Expect battery life using games to be around 9 hours.

Release Date

The Game Boy DS will be announced in early 2011 and will have a November 2011 release date in Japan.


Flavor said...

Put me down for a couple predictions.

1) Dual Widescreens
2) Some sort of videoconferencing functionality

Primal said...

Yep, edited. Forgot to add the widescreen bit. Don't know how but I did, they will definately be widescreen :)