Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Break your DS Screen - Lux Pain

Like many adventure games, Lux-Pain stars a cast of absolutely beautifully drawn characters typical of Japanese games and a soundtrack full of mysteriously eery melodies, but the main attraction is its full use of the touch screen facilities of the Nintendo DS.

Doubtlessly, the Nintendo DS gets a lot of good games, but I could not help but think that some of them might actually be nicer when played on the Sony PSP. Tales of Hearts, and Final Fantasy III and IV, for example, have some stunning movies and its gameplay doesn't require the use of a stylus much.

Lux Pain, on the other hand, exploit this facility to the point where you might accidently leave scratches on your screen. Your objective in the game is to get rid of worms called "Silence" within people, find the culprit of a string of murders and gather clues as you read people's memories as well as emotions.

You do this through using your stylus to erase a person's shell and pretences and delve straight into their heart within a time limit. See the string of yellow dots? That's the memory, or the worm you are after, be sure to catch it as soon as you spot it as pretenses build up very quickly and the these yellow dots slither around fast.

So, excitement and adventure with a wonderful cast, this is not a visual novel that simply makes you want turn page after page, but a game that makes you sweat adrenaline.

Before you get your game, you really should get some screen protectors just in case you can't control your strength and leave blemishes on the screen. It's really useful for this game.

The atmosphere was somewhat dark and eery, but hardly bloody, yet scenes of cruelty are hinted at. After all, the "Silence" worm brings out a person's darkest sides, so it's not surprising that the plot has to include these scenes.

Another wonderful thing about Lux-Pain is the voice acting. I have only played the Japanese version, so I am in no position to comment about the English version.

Miyano Mamoru, the voice behind Light Yagami from Death Note and Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club. Starring as Atsuki, the lead character with a traumatic past and a quiet personality, his performance is an inch closer to Light than Tamaki, so for those who adore his darker voice, here's a treat. Although its a DS game, it has quite a bit of voice clips, so that's some candies for the ears.

While the gameplay differs greatly, Lux-Pain reminds me of the Persona series that delves into a person's dark side. So people who loves the great RPG series and gloomy/mysterious plots, this game is definitely worth a try!


Morden said...

I'm glad that Lux-Pain actually got translated. It is not often this happens, and every time a great visual novel hits the US or European market, it's like a small miracle.

I'm really into Japanese visual novels and I got Lux-Pain a while back - I'm actually curious about the quality of the english translation, since I've seen so many piss poor translation jobs, Jake Hunter being a prime example [the first original game for the DS featured five chapters, but only three were translated when the game came out in the US and Europe].

Kitty Kat said...

I am very fond of visual novels as well (hence the post). However, I never knew about the quality or the completeness of localized games as I have never played one myself. I like Japanese voice actors/actresses too much to substitute them with English speaking ones.

Andy Davis said...

I love this game. As soon as I played it I thought of Persona series though, which is a good thing. I wish that I could find the soundtrack, but oh well. Great game, and great music. The translators seemed a bit lazy when they made this game tough as what they say usually doesn't match up with the text. Other than that it's great!