Monday, April 6, 2009

GP2X Wiz Games

If you've been following the GP2X Wiz at all, you may already know that it's set to launch at the end of this month. You may also know that GPH (GamePark Holdings) have already announced games like "Asura Cross Wired" and "Her Knights: All for Princess" for the system.

However, you might not know anything about any other games that are in development for the Wiz. In an earlier post, I already talked about some "GP2X Wiz Flash Games" that are being developed. Now, let's discuss some games that are believed to be in development. There is very little information available about these titles, so I will present pictures (click on them for larger images) of these games for our speculation.

GP2X Wiz Party must be a Mario Party clone. Judging by the name and the picture, I'm not sure how it could be anything else. That's not a bad thing, though, as the party game genre is a popular one. These types of games are always worth keeping in your stash for when you want some multiplayer action without the learning curve. The art style looks nice, so let us hope that translates into good minigames and an overall enjoyable experience. In making this title, they already took ideas from previous popular games, and I would assume that they'd take ideas from their minigames, too. Hopefully they borrow from the fun ones to make this GP2X Wiz game!

The picture at the top of this post is for a game called Rhythmos. Rhythm games have fared well on touch-screen systems like the Nintendo DS, so it seems reasonable that it would work well on the Wiz.

To the right, you can see an image for "Legend of Sword." This is an RPG being developed by BITMAGE. My guess is that the storyline for this game will be based on "The Legend of Sword and Fairy" franchise from 1995. It seems that BITMAGE is doing a bit of this re-inventing older game franchises.

Deicide 3 looks to be a futuristic adventure game where the police have mech suits like you see on the right. It looks like this was originaly developed by Studio Jacobin in 1997 and BITMAGE has bought the rights to bring the game to the GP2X Wiz. If you want to see some cool concept art for the 1997 version of the game, check out the archive of the old Studio Jacobin Deicide 3 website (which no longer exists) and keep clicking NEXT a the bottom of the pages.

There are more games to come. Titles like "Figure Skating Queen," "Perfect Goal Manager 2010," "Brain School," "Side Mind," "World Bumper Car," "Enormous M," "Mother's Tycoon," and "Wiz Party" just to name a handful of the ones we've heard about. I'll try to dig up more information about some of these games and post here when I do. For now, though, I'll leave you with more images of some of the aforementioned titles.

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