Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GP2X Wiz Flash Games

I just got some good Wiz news today. It seems that casual game developer Pixelthis Limited is working on bringing their games to the GP2X Wiz. They plan to have three of their games ready for the Wiz's launch: Mr. Ice Cream, Rune Mage, and Magic Beans. If things go well from there, more games will follow.

From what I can gather, GPH is really pushing to get the latest Flash 8 Player working well on the system. That may even be the reason for them recently pushing back the release date of the Wiz from March to April. This will make it easier for developers like Pixelthis to release their games on the system, because this will open up Wiz's potential game library to any developer creating Flash content.

Mr. Ice Cream
Everyone's favourite Mr. Ice Cream is on his way! Serve delicious ice cream and toppings in 5 stunningly drawn locations around the world, and meet 30 international characters with their own unique animations. Can you help Mr. Ice Cream keep his customers happy?

Rune Mage
Rune Mage is an addictive puzzle game featuring 25 levels of intense game play across 5 stages. The game is enhanced with great manga-style character art. Follow the character as he works his way up from Neophyte to Master Rune Mage, and conquer the different elements to win the game!
Magic Beans
While experimenting with beans in his secret underground laboratory, Dr. Blah accidentally creates out-of-control Magic Beans! Try to control Dr. Blah’s creation before things get out of hand. A frantically addictive game that will turn your perspective on falling block games upside-down!

Thanks to Peter from Pixelthis for all of the above pictures and game descriptions.

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