Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walking on red carpets - Street Fighter IV Action Figures

"Neca's action figures of Ryu, Ken and Crimson Viper are opening the path for the release of the fourth installment from the hit fighter series Street Fighter. So, everybody, make way.

Spotting multiple points of articulation, you can twist their limbs in all kinds of battle poses for your very own mini-fighting arena.

Ryu and Ken, the two protagonist are here of course, what would Street Fighter be without them?

Looking gravely serious and stoic, Ryu is ready to strike while Ken, who spots a wide, feral grin on his face, is flexing his joints.

With one fist raised, he is tellling you that he, too, is ready for whatever you throw at him.

Another character that made her way to the figure series is Crimson Viper, the new girl to Street Fighter. With a head of flaming red hair tied in a long braid, she resembles a fiery serpent.

The American spy's fighting style will be completely different to the existing characters. Play the game and see that your figure can recreate all of those easily.

Recruit your fighters now, Ken, Ryu and Crimson Viper are available at this very moment"

With these three figures, you can recreate at least three battle scenes and a great number of fighting stance. With your imagination and deft fingers, you can even emulate a whole battle ground.

And for those who does not want to play in the battle field, you can make them do humorous routines such as Haruhi Suzumiya's Hare Hare Yukai dance. Three is a perfect number, each of them can assume the role of Haruhi, Mikuru or Yuki.

Lets see if Neca is going to create figures for Sakura and Chunli so the guys can go back to assume more masculine roles.

If the dancing idea is a little grotesque, there is also the Musou action that you could play around with. Swarm the three with numerous trading figures ( has quite a large suppy, don't worry) and see these fighters break through their ranks with their fists.

These are just some (crazy) suggestions, how you play with them is up to you and like Little Big Planet, the creative process is part of the playing process and the playing process is part of the creative process, start making use of your imagination now.

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