Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sumo Cats - Dokodemoissyo

Toro and Kuro have ran here, after turning into long plushes and TV stools, they are now back to their normal plushy selves. But knowing these two eccentric friends, they could only be semi-normal.

With impossibly large heads and almost scrawny bodies, the two are dressed in sumo get-ups, ready to compete in this round's games.

Place them on your chair or sofa as cushions their large heads can support a big portion of your back with a choice of black or white these cats can go with various color schemes of your room.

Not quite soft or tame, Toro and Kuro adds a hint of personality to your home.

Toro and Kuro's pose reminds me of Sabotenda from Final Fantasy so if you tie a handkerchief around Sabotenda, you might be able to form a three-way inter-series wrestling match.

This time the cats are no longer offering their heads for you to sit on. They are demonstrating some traditional Japanese sports. Put them together and see who will win. With scrawny bodies and big heads, these cats are funny characters that will bring a smile, a grin or a laugh to a person.

Valentines doesn't have to be about roses, chocolates, hearts or anything so routine. When things become a routine, it gets boring. Try the sumo cats this year and be wacky!

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