Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6th Annual Cheapy Awards: Play-Asia.com nominated in three categories - go vote for your favourite site now! - Update!

The Oscars has just ended, we hope everyone had a nice time admiring the outfits of the stars on the red carpet, watching clips from nominated films etc, but it's now time to shift your attention back to gaming.

We are proud and honored that Play-Asia.com once again has been nominated by the dedicated community of www.cheapassgamer.com for their Annual Cheapy Awards. CheapAssGamer is a community of hardcore gamers and, eh, savers.
Also famous for their CAGcast with Cheapy and Wombat and not to forget the CAG Foreplay starring the Shipwrecks. [end of shameless advertising plug].

Voting is up until the end of this week (25th Feb 2009) so hurry up and place your vote!

This year, for the 6th Annual Award, we are nominated in three categories (click on a link for each category):

Voting is open now and we invite everybody to go there and place their vote. We also thank all people who nominated us in the first place, being in the competition alone is certainly something that makes us very happy.

As the winner of last year's Best Independent Online Game Retailer award, we of course would love to defend our title.

Anyway, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continual support.

Update: Voting is over... Bugger... next time we'll get onto this quicker. Results coming up soon!

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