Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pink Power - Give way to Chopper now

Valentines is just around the corner, have you prepared something for your loved ones yet? This is not a day for lovers only, and like the Japanese, people prepare two types of gifts, one for their true loves and others for their friends and family.

Either way, anyone would be too happy to recieve a Chopper. Soft and chubby with large eyes, the smart but gullible little elk is the mascot and one of the most useful member in the Straw Hat pirate's crew.

With pink as its image color, Chopper is a perfect Valentines gift. Whether in a pink body suit and reborn as a baby or in a pair of trunks with red hearts, Chopper is just as cuddly.

Forget about the roses and the chocolates, or add something to it if you find it safer to have something routine as well as the Chopper plushes. Win yourself some hearts this year through the doctor.

This year's Valentines day is placed right behind Black Friday. So let the pinkness wash the dark and heavy atmosphere away and have Chopper take over the world through soft, plushy power.

The One Piece mascot, like many of the crew memebers, have a lonely past and it is through joining Luffy on his quest that he finds a home. However, on their search for the legendary treasure One Piece, Chopper also finds a place in the show's many viewers' hearts.

Offer him a place in your home if you like him so much. Whoever said that Chopper has to be given as a gift only? He is waiting for your adoption, get him for yourself as a Black Friday present if you can't wait until Saturday, the little doctor is always ready to perform his magic.

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