Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coming Soon: GP2X Wiz

The GP2X Wiz is the next cool handheld from Gamepark Holdings. Some of you might know of their GP2X handheld, and you might even rembmer the GP32. All of these systems are geared more toward the "homebrew" scene that likes tinkering with cool new gadgets than consoles that require you to own official commercial titles.

There is a whole group of developers that write and port games, applications, emulators, etc. to these systems. Often, this translates into free open-source games and tools for the enjoyment of all owners of such systems.

DJWillis is such a developer, and he has recently received a prototype Wiz console to test. He was kind enough to post a couple pictures of the Wiz sandwiched between a older GP2X and a GameBoy Micro. This ought to give you a good idea of the size of the Wiz.

You can find a blog post about his impressions of the Wiz here. In upcoming posts, I plan to discuss some more details about the GP2X Wiz including system specs, upcoming games, release dates, etc. I also hope to get some better pictures and videos of the machine in action. Stay tuned!

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