Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wine, Roses and Kat-Tun - One Drop

"One Drop is Kat-Tun's Valentine gift to all their fans. As the theme song for Kamenashi Kazuya's new drama Kami no Shizuku, the song is an up beat rock tune that portrays the group's youth and vitality.

Kami no Shizuku originates from a manga of the same title and tells a story about men competing for the ownership of a connoisseur's red wine collection as well as his legendary bottle of Kami no Shizuku - God's drink (God's Drop creates some very un-appealing images).

Through wine, the drama portrays humanity, from jealousy between people of the same industry to the relationship between family members. Start acquiring a taste for the beverage through One Drop now."

A romantic dinner date consist of candlelight and of course, wine. And what is better than such a dinner is a whole drama or manga series focused on the beverage. In fact, wine stores has been putting the series on display and on sale as it helps them expand their client base.

From decanting wine to using poems to describe its scent and taste, this manga teaches people enough about the drink to fully enjoy it and gives them some knowledge as to impress their friends and dates.

Its not too late to start cramming, be prepared to appear knowledgeable, for your date might be an avid follower of the manga or the show.

The song is fun and energetic and watching the Johnny boys dance is always an amusing affair. You might need to be 18 or 21 to start learning about wine (most people start their wine education with their first sip, unlike Shizuku, the hero), but you can be at any to enjoy One Drop.

Available products:

One Drop (CD+DVD version)
One Drop (Standard version)
One Drop (First Press version)

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