Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is not the band I want to join, Mom! - Detroit Metal City

Negishi Soichi is a shy, gentle teenager who wants to become a popular singer. To realize this dream, he left the rural area for Tokyo. However, the trends in the international city is going in a way that he could not quite fathom. Instead of the sweet pop music that he makes, the people are more interested in Death Metal bands.

Things get more wild after he met and signed a contract with the Death Records Label President. He is allowed to debut as a singer under the name of Johannes Krauser II, a Death Metal Band's vocalist. And with a bassist and a drummer, Detroit Metal City gives their performances, with a huge success.

As Negishi, the boy hates the music he performs on stage, but as Krauser II, not only is he wonderful at it, he seems to enjoy what he does a little too much. In fact, he is so convincingly evil on stage that people have no trouble believing that he is a demon, a terrorist from hell, as he termed himself.

Wanting to leave the band to develop his own music but is too afraid of the devil president and growing to want to please the Krauser II fans, Negishi is living a rather (amusingly, interestingly) troubled double life.

My favourite part has got to be Matsuyuki Yasuko, the devil president's laugh. That evilly mad cackle is the envy of any aspiring witch.

Krauser II's laugh is absolutely lovely as well.

Laughs are not the whole of the movie, but it makes up a big part of it. From Negishi's geeky image, his senselessly fluffy sweet songs (named Amai Koibito - Sweet Lover, as well) to the just as senseless bloodshed in Krausers' songs (Satsugai - Massacre), the contrast is just so great that you cannot help but laugh.

The double personality is wonderful as well, Krauser doesn't feel any sense of guilt for whatever damaging acts he does on stage but when it washes back to Negishi after the alternate personality fades, its another funny moment.

Although the live musical performances are dubiously themed and the lyrics may be offiensive to some people, the movie's or the manga's plot itself starred next to no particularly questionable material. No character is evil or violent (except for the devil president, she is comically evil), some are exceptionally sweet, Negima is happily invited to have breakfast when he appears in front of his parents door in Krausers' form and is referred to as "Kura-chan", what more loving family can you get?

Give it a go if you can stomach the more-than-loud metal music and the perverted lyrics. Just skip the songs if you are exceptionally keen on keeping your mind clean, otherwise a little shock won't hurt.

If you manage to look past the "kill" kanji, the thick white make up on his face and his exceptionally foul mouth, you can see some kindness in Krauser as well.


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It is a rather lovely band, if you manage to stomach the (amusing) humiliation the boss shoves down your throat