Thursday, April 30, 2009

Games to Own #5 - Jeanne D'Arc

Welcome to another edition of "Games to Own", where I guide you, the shopper to great games that didn't sell well or weren't as popular as they should have been. It's another portable game this time and another PSP one at that.

Sadly, Jeanne D'Arc slipped away from gamers radars quite quickly, even though it's a high quality, AAA PSP game. Why? I think there wasn't enough hype or marketing behind it. Maybe you've played games such as Tactics Ogre, Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics before? Jeanne D'arc is the same type of turn based RPG. A grid makes up the levels, but there's also plenty of scenery and backgrounds added too, which can prevent you from moving in those directions. Each turn you can move your troops (up to seven characters) as far as they're allowed in your turn and attack the enemy.

If you didn't know already, the game is based on Joan of Arc, but takes plenty of liberties story wise. Ogres and Dragons? Check. Magic? Check. Demon Gods? Check. The story is actually a high point of the game and is told quite well with some cool Anime video's with good voice acting.

Graphics wise, the "tactics" types of games have always been lacking. But Jeanne D'Arc looks really good, thanks to the high quality 3D graphics for both the backgrounds and the characters. Of course, all this would be for naught if the game wasn't fun to play. And if it wasn't, I wouldn't be writing about it! Jeanne D'Arc is a must have game for the PSP, it presents the tried and working formula of the turn based RPG, adds some twists and provides and long and engaging adventure.

9.1 out of 10

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