Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post E3 - No price cut, no PS3 Slim?

Now that the dust has settled after E3, most people are asking a long burning question. When will the PS3 get a price cut? I was expecting Sony to announce a price cut at E3, but only because a certain image was leaked beforehand which I thought to be authentic and there's growing evidence that it is indeed real. There's no doubt in my mind, but I'm sure there's plenty of naysayers.

I am of course talking about the PS3 Slim console. Haven't heard about it? Read on.

First we have the leaked image from a chinese factory:

Looks quite real, does it not? Notice the new box art and what not? Later on some employees from game stores said the PS3 Slim was indeed coming soon. Then after E3, Jack Tretton and John Koller complained about leaks and Koller was particularly uncomfortable when asked about the PS3 Slim. Coincidence? I think not!

The image is probably from a fresh and ongoing production of the new PS3 slim console and I have a sneaking suspicion it will be priced $50 to $100 below the current model price. Not only that, to sell the existing "Phat" PS3's, I think they will recieve a clearance price of $50 below the Slim's price. When will this all be unveiled? Why, at Tokyo Game Show of course. Never put all your eggs in one basket! If Sony did that at E3, there wouldn't be much left for TGS now would there?

The PS3 will no doubt lose a lot of plastic due to the smaller parts. As the parts become smaller, so does the electricity consumption become much more efficient and it will produce less heat. It will also weigh a lot less. The PS3 package is very heavy and no doubt expensive to transport overseas and into retail stores compared to something like a Wii. I'm sure this factor will also facilitate the price cut. Watch out at TGS for the announcement of the PS3 Slim and price cuts, or better yet, stick with this blog!

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