Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekly Special - Super Robot Taisen K for DS

Last week's special sold out, don't miss out on this one! Another DS game and a strategy one at that. It's Super Robot Taisen K this week, a new game in the popular Super Robot Taisen series of games, also known as Super Robot Wars. It's available at the Super Robot Price (see what I did there?) of $24.90. You save a massive $40!

Please note that this is a Japanese strategy game, but will work on any DS and I'd assume there is no english language option. If I remember correctly, the Super Robot Taisen games are still easy to figure out and fun to play even if you can't read the language. It's kind of like Advance Wars, with Robots, but no building capabilities. What you've got is what you fight with. Limited to one copy per person, don't miss out!

"A large war is whipping the world into a whirlwind, destroying numerous planets and lives. Although civilization allowed people to live in cities scattered across the universe, violence never stopped.

50 years ago, the demon queen led her invasion, and later came the virtual beasts. Both menaces were taken care of, however, the troubles with humans carries on.

Science and technology allowed people to alter their off spring's genes. Coordinators are people who are genetically adjusted and seemed to have better physical or mental attributes than normal natural borns.

The differences in abilities set the two types of people apart and grudges, as well as envy is the source of current strife.

Each camp, the Naturals and the Coordinators, has their military force and war is about to start. Board your robot and get ready to enter battle. The mechas come from a multitude of series, from the relatively new classic Gundam Seed to King Geiner."

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