Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekly Special - Phantasy Star Zero for Nintendo DS

Hey hey! It's another weekly special. This week we break away from the Xbox 360 to bring you a DS game special! RPG fans will especially like this one, it's Phantasy Star Zero, another great new addition to the popular Phantasy Star universe. It's available at the super low price of $14.90. That's $34 off!

Please note that this is a Japanese RPG game and I'd assume there is no english language option. All DS games are region free and will work on any DS, so if you can read Japanese, are willing to learn or don't care about the story...well, what are you waiting for?

"Phantasy Star Zero is a highlighted production by Sega, the fruit of the combined efforts between the anime producer Kobooka Toshiyuki and the mystery novelists Shiwasu Tooru and Arai Teru. It inherits the exciting gameplay and adopts a completely new storyline.

Three races are present in this installment, the Humans, the androids Casts and Newmans, a new type of beings that descended from the moon. Depending on what strengths you value and what weaknesses you can afford to have, decide your player character's race and profession.

The game takes place two centuries after a great war which destroys everything. To rebuild civilization, the humans, the only race left on the crumbling world did all they could and constructed cities. Within the city everything remains peaceful, but once they step out, the people are accosted by enemies.

To keep their cities safe, the humans formed the hunters organizations and joined forces Casts to combat the enemies' aggression. However, there is another race which humans have forgotten for they have disappeared even from the history books. When the Newmans descend from the moon, new opportunities for adventures and conflicts opened."

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