Friday, June 5, 2009

E3 Conference Summary Part 2 - Nintendo

In part 2 of the E3 conferences, I'll be talking about Nintendo's conference which was shorter than the other two, but much better than last years presentation which was, well...crap. I was also much more on the moeny with my previous predictions on what would happen here. For all your Wii and DS news, read on.

As I mentioned before, I was sure that a certain plumber would be getting a new game on Wii and I was right on the mark. Luckily for gamers, Mario games are good and don't suck like the Sonic games, so while the plumber is starting to outstay his welcome (how about a new platformer?), I'm sure it will be a good game. It won't be like Galaxy though, this Mario game plays like a 2D Mario just like New Super Mario Bros. on DS. It will be 3D graphics of course. Also, the game has four player co-op, which is an interesting idea. Personally though, something new would have been my preference, but maybe Sega will take notice and make Sonic in the same way.

Next up was Wii Fit Plus. As someone who was bewildered by the success of Wii Fit, I can't really say this made me jump up for joy. Anyone heard of going OUTSIDE for excercise? Playing a sport, socializing, going to a gym, running etc. It contains 15 new balance "games" (I use the term loosely), calorie tracker, six new strengths and Yoga activities. Last time I checked, Yoga was a form of meditation and watching a screen and listening to sound isn't part of it. Meh, whatever.

Wii Motion Plus was shown, with plenty of demos showing the sensitivity. Lucky for Nintendo they were on the ball here, since Microsoft and Sony have come out with motion controllers that seem to have much better precision than the standard Wiimote.

A trailer of Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers. Not much new stuff here. It sure doesn't compare to FFXIII, but it might satisfy a Wii owners RPG needs.

After that there was a new trailer of Kingdom Hearts for DS, which is coming in September. A big seller no doubt.

Another DS game shown. This one's called Bowser's Inside Story and features Mario and Luigi going inside Bowser's "pipes". Ah, plenty of joke possibilities here. Anyway, it's coming this fall.

The sequel to the two Golden Sun GBA games was announced. I thought this series was dead. Luckily it's not! The Golden Sun games were some of the best on the GBA and the best RPG's.

DSi Facebook integration. No prizes for guessing if I skipped this bit. Do you really need Facebook on your DSi? As predicted, a new Zelda game was announced, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and mentioned along with DSiware.

Okay, now we have something that left most people baffled. There was a big hype up for this add-on product. It's called the Wii Vitality Sensor and it reads your pulse from your finger. Boned. It's useless, 'nuff said.

Plenty of people were probably happy to hear about the Super Mario Galaxy sequel. Looks like Nintendo has learned from the Gamecube to release more than one proper Mario game. It looks like more of the same to me.

Announcements of third party titles. Nintendo trying to appeal to the more mature and hardcore gaming market with The Conduit, Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles, and Dead Space Extraction.

The surprising and most interesting title for last. A new Metroid game being made by Team Ninja of Ninja Gaiden fame. It's called Metroid: Other M and will feature an M rating. Whoa, prepare for the ketchup to go flying! It'll be interesting to see if it plays better than the flawed Ninja Gaiden 2.

Overall a good presentation. Couldn't compete with Microsoft or Sony, but much better than the one in 2008.

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